General Corporate Training

General corporate training is a critical component of your business. The success or failure of these programs greatly influences the welfare of your employees, organizational structure and culture, customer loyalty and retention, branding, investor relations and how the world perceives your business. Finally, several of the areas can have significant legal ramifications if you are not in compliance.

Why video eLearning fits general corporate training so well

You have the knowledge: You can usually quickly make video, because the training areas typically are based on your organizations existing knowledge and policies.  

Learning and certification: The uQualio® video eLearning platform includes both the required learning functionalities and certification functions. All activities and results are documented as part of the process and available for inspection by third parties or the authorities.

Distribution speed: With uQualio® you can distribute new or revised course material almost immediately. Keep your organization up to date without having to wait for administrative processes. You have complete control from the source to each learner in seconds after sending out the invites.

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Video for training: Corporate training areas often require a highly visual form of training. Showing is knowing. Employees rely heavily on seeing the appropriate actions and identifying themselves with real life situations - this greatly helps to avoid future problems. uQualio® video eLearning is the ideal way to accomplish this job.

Organizations can easily track employee’s participation of mandatory corporate training with uQualio® video eLearning.

Remote areas: Video eLearning is especially cost-efficient when organizations are located in remote regions. With international activities, you can make courses in the languages you need and utilize as many channels as required with uQualio®.

Perceived as fun and relevant: With uQualio® video eLearning, employees can access interactive learning and gamification. More fun equals increased motivation and better results with corporate training and learning.

Documentation and compliance: General corporate training areas require documentation for your organization to show that you are in compliance. And the areas are typically part of all of your employees training records — annual and biannual.

Need for information on demand: General corporate training should not only happen for compliance reasons. Employees often need access to the information 24/7 - the need for immediate information can be critical for them to perform in the right way.

Mobile-friendly: Employees need to train from any location. Some employees need to use uQualio® on mobile or tablet. uQualio® is optimized to be used on any device. Some do not have access to computers or workstations and can access the platform using a mobile device. 

Training can be revisited: Repeated training helps individual’s perfect complex knowledge. Revisiting training sessions ensures employees don't forget important learning points. uQualio® courses are always readily available.

Courses are easy to create, make available and understand: You only need one system. On uQualio® it is easy to create and make courses available that can be understood by everyone. With general corporate training you can easily use videos to create engaging interactive eLearning courses and make them directly available on any device.

The training areas could be:

  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Employee mental and physical health, and well-being
  • Work safety
  • Data protection procedures (GDPR)
  • Online safety and cyber security
  • Physical safety and access rules
  • Fire safety
  • Environmental safety
  • Equipment handling
  • Mission, Vision and Corporate Values (MVCV)
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Code of conduct 

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